The Housewife’s Bliss is my new video – a dreamy tale of personal growth, the melancholy of remembrance and future made possible by love.

Shot superbly by Colectivo RAMA and starring my own parents as they visit the places where they lived, the videoclip is a look at the past, the present and the future of a woman.

As I wrote on the press release (and partly in this same blog):

“The Housewife’s Bliss exists because of a woman I’ve never met and I’ll never meet. She is the main character of a video that might or might not be a fake. I created a whole life for that woman made of pixels in my screen, a life based on clichés. But it seemed so PLAUSIBLE: look at her! Middle aged, married, always putting her husband first. Certainly a housewife, her whole life based on cooking, cleaning, the children… The questions that arose fascinated me: how was her life AFTER this experience? Could she EXPLAIN her feelings afterwards? To whom? It was the fifties, nobody really knew then what to expect from a trip. Did she just get back to her life?
I had to do something with all this. I sat down and started by creating a beat using what I call motivated sounds: the song is populated by a slow tempo miscellanea of car doors closing, drawers, heating pipes, dishes being washed, a glass that falls to the ground… Sounds that would be found on the life of that character. On top of that I imposed a simple synthesizer’s line trying to evoke those Badalamenti-Lynch ambiences: the lives of normal people that are suddenly disturbed by something, and I covered everything with some watery, delayed guitars.
When I started working on the lyrics, it soon became evident that I should respect was this woman was saying, because… Well, because she says it, you know. In vino veritas. I only added a couple of lines about not wanting to go back. But that was it.
I think it is one of the best songs I’ve ever written and I KNEW I had to do a special video about it. It became evident that I had to give this material to someone with an special eye.”

This special eye was actually a collective eye: the Colectivo RAMA. They are a trio of filmmakers with a CV longer than the bible, shooting mainly documentary films, but also scouting locations for Hollywood blockbusters, designing the sound for big Spanish productions or operating camera for zillions of projects. They are the A-Team of Spanish film production, and like the A-Team, they come, guerrilla-like, film, win, and walk away unnoticed.

“We talked for months about what to shoot. I wanted the story to be universal but poetic, to show the isolation of a housewife, but also the hope for life. We talked and talked. We talked about filming old couples dancing. We talked about mirrors that break. We talked about a woman alone in a house and long shots of her staring at the camera. And during our talks, we kept coming back to our families, we kept coming back to our own mothers. And just like that, the answer was clear: we will film an allegory of my family, of my mother and father, and their relationship – and we will do it by having all our previous ideas merged into a little tale.

In this video, the main character is played by my mother: a housewife whose life has always been her family. She is alone in a house, the house where I grew up. She does the things I’ve always watched her doing: Cooking, reading, knitting, smoking a cigarette. Waiting for my dad to come home from work. Until one day, she is fed up, she puts her best clothes on, takes my father by the hand and takes him on a long journey that crosses the places where their life and mine took place, places that are also symbolic for the good and bad times they had through the years: the streets of our hometown, the forest where we walked, the beach where we spent our summer, a pile of abandoned cars, the remains and ruins of antennae, gardens, lonely roads…

A journey that ends with them dancing at a big dance hall, with the last lights of the day, with me watching them dancing, dancing, dancing themselves free of everything, smiling to themselves, alone in their own secret world, happy. Complete.”

The results speak for themselves: a fascinating video, with a powerful imagery that supports the music incredibly good. I hope you like it:


Canarias Suena is a fantastic initiative from Radio Televisión Espanola – they record bands from the Canary Islands in various features of the Canarian landscape.

I had the chance to do two semi-acoustic numbers for them last winter and they will publishing them this week.

Here the first of them – Broken Display:

And here the second one – Disappear:



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