Canarias Suena is a fantastic initiative from Radio Televisión Espanola – they record bands from the Canary Islands in various features of the Canarian landscape.

I had the chance to do two semi-acoustic numbers for them last winter and they will publishing them this week.

Here the first of them – Broken Display:


Wow! Shapes just turned three months today, and a lot has rained since – actually so much I wanted to make a little entry about how everything’s going and where I’m heading. The record has been extremely well appreciated by public and critics, the few concerts I’ve done have been different and exciting for me, and I think the response of the audience was always very very positive.

It all started with the official presentation concert at Das Hotel, in Berlin:

Foto Das Hotel Shapes2013

It was a nice one, loads of friends and unknown people, and actually a big number of cassettes were sold – it was a nice presentation although I was a bit nervous trying to figure out how the new material was gong to work. It did work well enough!

Actually, I’m pretty surprised with the press I’ve been receiving. Vagueness Records is a nice label to be, but small, tiny – and we were able to spread the word around the world, and the critics seem to enjoy the record enough to write about it.

Here, a sample of articles and interviews that appeared in this last three months:

- Decoder Magazine premiered the video and wrote some lines about Vagueness Records and the Shapes EP (link)

- Mexican Magazine One Heap Wonder did also a very nice review about it (link)

- So did Rock en Canarias (link)

- And Dirty Rock really got into it (link)

- La Provincia printed a full page review (link)

- Bizzarre Magazine published a long and funny interview in Spanish und English (link)

- Lagenda did a very nice review of Shapes, one that really understood the record and got to the bottom of it (link)

- El Secreto Canario did what has been the last interview I’ve given up to this date (link)

- The record even got some air play… in NEW ZEALAND!! (link)

- And German Newspaper Neues Deutschland even put me full page on their print and web edition (link)


On the funny and surreal note: J. Krawietz got his first ever Fan Art, a joke on the now infamous pic of the pickled foto. Keep them coming!!


And even stranger – the Litost Video was selected for a Best of the Week list on German Magazine ElectronicBeats. Litost was on the 6th place, Guess who was on the 7th? MILEY CIRUS! Crazy shit, we laughed a lot about this…

I was really keen into playing again in the Canary Islands, and I was more than happy to be invited to participate in Keroxen Festival, which took place, on this edition, both on Las Palmas and Santa Cruz. Here some pics of what happened:

The audience was great – I’ll never forget the concert in Santa Cruz, with the whole Tanque roaring and begging for more, it was amazing and mind blowing. I think I took them by surprise, they didn’t expect that hurricane coming at them!

Where does it goes from now? Well, I’ll try to make some more shows and my idea is to have a follow-up for Shapes sometime next summer-autumn. But if you know me, you know I can’t be trusted and I might need a little longer. Some songs are already written and created, so… Let’s see! Here a sample of one of the things and sounds I’ve been working on:

If you want to order your copies from Shapes don’t forget to visit Vagueness Records’ Bandcamp, where you’ll be able to get everything: their catalogue is full of surprises and more are coming along the way.

Love and thanks for the support!!



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